Hasbro’s HasLab Teases A Possible Ghostbusters’ Proton Pack Project

On October 27th, Hasbro’s crowdfunding unit HasLab will be announcing something huge. This week, it has been teased that the toy company may be using HasLab as the place for Ghostbusters fans to get an officially licensed, full-sized Proton Pack.
Ghostbusters News posted a video of the tease along with a still that shows the pack under a tarp, teasing the 1:1 prop.


It’s interesting to note that the neutrino wand isn’t shown in the video. I own the Spengler thrower, and it has a detachable end so you can connect a hose, but I did not observe any other connection that could make it interact with a separate prop.
It would be safe to say that Hasbro will launch a new, maybe original version of the wand that has to be purchased separately to keep the overall cost of the pack down. I like the Spengler version, but I’d prefer to have something more in line with the original.
When Matty Collector was throwing around the idea of doing a replica proton pack, the company had some foresight and built a 3.5mm jack into their wand. Sadly, that day never came, and the pack met the same fate as the Ecto-1 that would have been in scale with the company’s 6″ Ghostbuster figures.
OK, Hasbro won’t be the first company to offer a licensed pack, but it will probably be the most affordable. Avonos, before being rebranded and shuttering its Ghostbusters merchandise, offered a replica of the prop. However, from what I’ve read on forums, it wasn’t the greatest and was heavily based on a pre-existing fan replica kit.
Mack’s Factory also offers a build-a-pack line of parts, but the core of the piece still isn’t available to order, and I’m one of those who signed up to pre-order it. The nice thing about this avenue is that most of the parts are metal.
Make sure to check HasLab’s website on the 27th to see exactly what they’re going to announce. I hope that this pack is under $1,000.
What are your thoughts and guesses? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Ghostbusters News]

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