Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s New Trailer Calls Upon Familiar Faces and Frights

We got one!
Finally! A new trailer! It has been over a year and a half since the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife came out. Since then, the movie’s release date has been bumped, and we were left with just a few small teases as to what awaits us in Jason Reitman’s follow-up to the original 1984 film.
After all that wait, this new trailer delivers some familiar faces and frights. However, I’m still betting that the Mini-Pufts scene is a dream/nightmare. That would explain the overabundant product placement and empty Walmart. Come on! When have you been to a Walmart, at any hour, and it is empty?
We see that this story is more based on the family element than we’ve seen in the previous two GB films. Afterlife feels like it has a meaningful story to tell about kids fitting in and overcoming something bigger than themselves. Is there a place for melodrama in a Ghostbusters movie? We’ll find out.

Janine! Ray! Ghost traps! Gozer! A … Gozerian temple buried under the ground in the middle of nowhere? Terror dogs! Mini-Pufts!
And this doesn’t feel like a bait-n-switch like we’ve seen so often when these classic franchises get resurrected. I’m not expecting the surviving team to be front and center in this film because Sony isn’t tricking us into thinking such a thing.
Sure, it may be a group of kids now bustin’ ghosts, but at least this film isn’t going to be comprised mostly of adlibbed lines and a director blaming everyone but himself for the fans’ reactions.
Sorry for bringing up the 2016 film. To cleanse our minds of that mess, let’s take a look at my Ghostbusters collection!

Mike Phalin
Mike Phalin
Mike Phalin
Mike Phalin
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Mike Phalin
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