The New ‘Salem’s Lot’ Movie To Have A Short Runtime

One Take News has exclusive info regarding just how long Salem’s Lot will be from opening credits to closing credits. It’s pretty short. If this news is accurate, the upcoming vampire feature will only run for 113 minutes. Less than two hours is a relatively short amount of time. Considering the number of characters and set up in Stephen King’s novel, this means a lot of content is cut or condensed to make for a fast-moving story.

The new Salem’s Lot was written and directed by Gary Dauberman, the same gentleman who wrote the screenplay for IT Chapter One and IT Chapter Two. The new shorter runtime makes sense if we take how much Dauberman changed and condensed IT’s source material. Is less than two hours enough to set up an entire town, a centuries-old vampire, and a story worth remembering? Luckily, IMDB shows many characters from the original novel appearing in the film.

This will mark the fourth time an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1975 novel has been attempted. The first time was via a TV mini-series in ’79, which was pretty good. The two-episode series was directed by Tobe Hooper and starred David Soul [Starsky and Hutch] as Ben Mears. It’s a straightforward adventure that does a pretty good job of capturing the novel’s setting and most of the characters, except for Kurt Barlow. In the TV series, he is depicted as a mute Nosferatu-like vampire, a massive departure from his depiction in the book. Regardless of that change, Barlow’s appearance became synonymous with Hooper’s adaptation.

The next time we would return to Salem’s Lot would be in … well … Larry Cohen’s A Return to Salem’s Lot in 1987. This theatrical venture had little to do with King’s original story aside from the setting. Michael Moriarty [The Stuff] plays Joe Weber, who journies back to the vampire-infested town with his son. It’s a silly film.


[Source: One Take News]

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