Three Pirate Streaming Services To Be Banned In US By Every ISP

The federal government has ensured that three overseas pirating streaming services can no longer operate in the United States. The rulings came down on April 26th and ordered that all US-serving IPSs must “block access to the Website and any domain address known today … or to be used in the future by the Defendants … by any technological means available on the ISPs’ systems.
This action, which we found out about over at Ars Technica, was directed towards three specific sites:


The owners of these domains raised no defense because no one showed up in court to battle the plaintiff’s claims. This is not surprising since the defendants were only named as “Doe.” The real identity of the people responsible for the pirate streaming websites may never be discovered.
United King Film Distribution Ltd brought about the lawsuit that put this order into action by filing three separate lawsuits. The total number of ISPs that must follow the ruling came to 96. If someone were to attempt to go to one of the above-listed sites, he/she would be met with the following message:

US District Judge Katherine Polk Failla
I’m unfamiliar with these streaming sites or what they were pirating, but it looks like United King Films specializes in Israeli-based dramas and comedies. Of course, the domains used to pirate the plaintiff’s material must also be handed over, but trying to enforce that could be tricky depending on who the host companies are.
While this is undoubtedly a win for UKF, there are so many other avenues people can go about obtaining these films and everything that comes out of Hollywood. So is this much of a win, or will it encourage the pirates to explore other distribution channels?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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