Michael Shannon Opens Up About The Sci-Fi Flick “Take Shelter”

Michael Shannon / Josh Jensen / Wikimedia Commons

Michael Shannon has had a prolific acting career, appearing in such films as ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Revolutionary Road,’ ‘The Iceman,’ ‘The Shape of Water,’ and the 2011 science fiction apocalyptic film ‘Take Shelter.’
Directed by Jeff Nichols, the sci-fi movie also stars Jessica Chastain and follows a man suffering from horrifying visions of disasters affecting the Earth. The movie was made on a smaller budget and was received critical acclaim following its premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.
In an interview with NME, Shannon discussed the movie telling them, “I have a real soft spot for that one.”
“I felt the same way when I read Shotgun Stories – that I was reading the work of a very singular artist, who was writing in a manner that was completely unique to him and that no-one else could come close to,” he explained. “Most people seem to think it’s a movie about mental illness, which it never was to me.”
Shannon said, “The whole thing with the mother… I hate to use the concept of someone’s mental illness as a red herring because it’s a very serious thing, but the fundamental question that ‘Take Shelter’ poses is: how can anybody in their right mind stay sane in a world like this? Particularly if you are responsible for other people and you know that, at the end of the day, you cannot protect them from what is coming.”
“It’s told with a beautiful discipline,” he continued. “It was a very quick shooting schedule and there were days where we really struggled to get what we needed, but we always did.”
Shannon concluded, “I think the point at the end of the movie is that both things are true. There is a storm coming but we’re also inevitably going to suffer some sort of trauma and be rendered a bit dysfunctional by the fact that this is on the horizon.”
You can currently see Shannon in the Hulu series ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ and he is set to appear in the upcoming David Leitch thriller ‘Bullet Train.’
You can watch the trailer for ‘Take Shelter’ below:

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