Finally! Retro-Style Labyrinth and Time Bandit Action Figures!

Plastic Meatball will be producing retro-style action figures from two cult classics: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits after he got transformed into a pig, Sarah, Jareth the Goblin King, the Evil Genius, and poor Og.
Much like Super7’s ReAction line, these toys are simplistic as far as detail and articulation are concerned and measure 3.75″ tall. Plastic Meatball’s motto is, “We’re making products for ourselves just as much as we are for you.  If we don’t love it, we don’t make it.

Plastic Meatball must still be working on the rights to use David Warner’s likeness. The bandits, creatures, and characters of Time Bandits would make for a cool little collection, no pun intended. Unfortunately, I can’t see kids being excited to play with the Supreme Being when he’s just a guy in a suit.
The possibilities are endless if Plastic Meatball starts chasing Gilliam films for toy ideas. Perhaps this means we can expect a set of Baron Munchausen figures? I’d buy them. A winged Sam from Brazil and the Circuit Samurai? OK, I’m starting to fill my head with too many hopes that may never come true.

Time Bandits was one of Terry Gilliam’s high-concept fantasy films. Like Brazil, it featured unique visuals, amazing costumes, and a sometimes confusing plot. A band of little people “borrow” a map to all the shortcuts through time and space. They plan on making off with a bunch of loot until they meet a young boy, and the group is pursued by both God and the Devil.
The film had a bunch of the typical Gilliam cameos and a few surprising ones. It, of course, ends on an awkward note, much like Brazil, Munchausen, and Holy Grail.
What are your thoughts on this new line of retro-inspired action figures? Does this mean Super7 has some serious competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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