A Near Mint MEGO Figure Just Sold For $76k!


Did you have MEGO figures when you were a kid? Did you ever think these basic action figures would sell for tens of thousands of dollars forty years down the road? Well, one sold for a surprising sum just last month!

Figures.com noticed the oddly high closing bid for the MEGO figure, which initially retailed for $3.33 back in the day. MEGOs are not uncommon to find, even on the card. However, what makes Gobby here special is his rarity in the series. He was ripe for a bidding war thanks to the low production count of on-card Goblins and the near-mint condition, but no one expected that price to reach close to $80k.

The Hake’s auction listing shows that the “near mint” MEGO figure closed at $76,700.00. That’s the price of a 1982 DeLorean that’s in decent shape! Now, it’s not clear if the winning bidder has paid or not, as sometimes buyer’s remorse sets in pretty quick with these types of auctions.



From the auction’s listing:

AFA graded and encapsulated blister card contains 8″ figure (1977 issue figure) from Mego’s The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes line, ©1975 Marvel. Item #51300/2. This is a Type 2 body Green Goblin w/boots and satchel. Punched card is bright and clean. Price sticker at upper left corner. AFA-graded 80+ NM (Archival case). AFA subgrades are as follows –  C80 B80 F90. Only graded example in AFA Population Report. Very rare 1975A carded version of the Green Goblin figure. Spider-Man’s nemesis, The Green Goblin figure was discontinued by Mego shortly after this carded version was released, making this one of the hardest to find issues. One of the rarest Mego’s to come to auction and in investment grade. The Holy Grail for the elite Mego collector.

That seems like a really high price to pay for a MEGO. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are very rare, but over $70k seems a bit odd. Hopefully, the seller is getting their money.

[Source: Figures.com]
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