Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer Takes Us Outside Midgar

During the Summer Game Fest presentation, Geoff Keighley closed out the show with a first look at the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Many fans of Final Fantasy VII have been eagerly anticipating how the game would look overall as a sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. At the end of that game’s story, players found themselves leaving Midgar after major events took place that affected the game’s protagonist Cloud Strife and his colleagues. Based on the original Final Fantasy VII story, the core group of heroes ventures out into the wild lands outside of Midgar, where the story takes many twists and turns. Now with the new gameplay reveal trailer, we have our first look at what to expect in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The trailer begins with a grim look at some of the Final Fantasy VII cast in a dire situation, but quickly switches gears and showcases many interesting parts of the next game. Cloud and the group will be able to explore various locations within Gaia, many of which longtime Final Fantasy VII fans will recognize in the trailer that was key parts of the original story. Remember when Cloud and friends are told about the Ancients? We’ll finally get to see it in all of its glory with the visuals of Final Fantasy Remake. While venturing out into the world, Cloud and crew are pursuing the infamous Sephiroth, who is looking to bring doom upon everyone. Many of the shots in the trailer from cutscenes give great looks at Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Red XIII in the aftermath of the previous game, as well as Sephiroth who looms over the entire story.

But what really stands out in the trailer is the first look at combat and exploration. Players will be running through fields and large environments, with some wildlife nearby as well, which bring to life the world of Gaia. But they won’t always be running around on foot. Like in the original Final Fantasy VII, players will be able to ride Chocobos in the world as they travel, which will definitely please many Final Fantasy fans who were hoping to see this in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Whether you’ll be able to capture or raise Chocobos in the game is not yet known, but you might have a good idea of what direction things are going if you’ve played the original game.

A noteworthy part of the trailer is the sections that show Red XIII in combat, as well as the inclusion of Yuffie in the group. For those that remember the extra downloadable content for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Yuffie was a playable character in her own story. Now she’ll finally be joining the main group in the story and in combat. Like before, every character in the party will be playable and be able to team up together for massive attacks.

In addition, more new enemies will appear, including the Elena and the Turks who will try to hinder the group’s journey. Depending on where the party finds themselves, many new challenges and vicious enemies will be waiting. The trailer briefly reveals a boss fight against a spawn of JENOVA while Sephiroth narrates, which appears to be a tough battle that everyone will have to face.

The final part of the gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at Summer Game Fest shows a reimagining of the iconic scene at Nibelheim, with Tifa trying to stop Sephiroth from getting to JENOVA. While we don’t get to see Zack Fair, Cloud, or anyone else from those events in the trailer, it’s a safe guess that we’ll see these events play out in a new way that will include them. The release window for the game is early 2024, with no month or day given for now. Hopefully, this means we’ll get to see and play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a lot sooner than later. Many Square Enix fans are eager to see the next chapter of this reimagining of Final Fantasy VII, and it’s looking very good so far.

What are your thoughts on the new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Are you excited to play the game when it’s finally out in 2024? Leave us a comment down below and let your voice be heard!

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