FE Masterworks Is Making High-End ‘Star Trek’ U.S.S. Enterprise Replicas

If Polar Lights Star Trek models aren’t cutting it for you, FE Masterworks has something that will. Just make sure that you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account!

The Motion Picture version of the U.S.S. Enterprise is priced at $15,000, while The Next Generation Enterprise is $17,000. The Excelsior sits in the middle at $16,000.

The replicas measure close to or exceed 3′ in length. All three will feature lights and sounds.

Yes, each ship will also feature the Aztec patterns that look to be done with different shades of pearl paint. Trust me; this makes a considerable difference in Star Trek models.

There’s no doubt that the photos show off some great-looking replicas of the 1701-A, 1701-D, and Excelsior. However, we have a lot of questions that are left unanswered by Factory Entertainment.

Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks
Photo Credit: FE Masterworks

I do have to point out Factor Entertainment’s lack of information regarding each ship replica. The pages asking you for $500 down payments offer up almost no details about the $15K-16K models.

These are pre-orders with zero delivery window listed. The FE Masterworks order and payment process details don’t help.

Work on the Enterprises and Excelsior won’t start until three orders are received. From that point, it could take up to six months to finish each one. Before work starts, customers must supply a 50% “production deposit.”

Remember that the cost does not include shipping and won’t be calculated until the replica is ready to ship. Oof.

I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into models of this scale. Still, I’d be very wary of putting money down when a company like Factory Entertainment is giving us very little info in return.

[Source: FE Masterworks site]

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