Fan Favorite Major Bludd Joins G.I. JOE’s Classified Series

The G.I. Joe Classified line is a cool take on the classic Joe and Cobra characters. The 6″ size allows for more detail and better articulation, and it pays off most of the time. Some stylistic changes are odd, especially with Cobra Commander. However, other characters like Gung Ho hits all the right checkboxes.
The problems with the line as a whole? They’re friggin hard to find. I see lots of Roadblocks on the shelves, but never anyone else. I hope this will change as more SKUs hit the market. Speaking of which, according to, five more figures are on the way.
The new wave includes two fan favorites include Timber and Cobra’s Major Bludd! In a break from the typical release, Breaker comes with a RAM cycle! Check them out below.
Snake Eyes & Timber


Heavy Artillery Roadblock
Alvin “Breaker” Kinney (with the RAM Cycle)
Gabriel “Barbecue” Kelly
Major Bludd
The figures will be released throughout the Summer.
If you’ve been having difficulty finding these figures as I have, try Target and GameStop. I’d been hunting for my favorite Joe, Hung-Ho, for months before finally finding him at the troubled game store. Occasionally they’ll pop up at Walmart, but the couple of times that has happened, the G.I. Joe‘s box will be damaged. People of Walmart…
Those looking for other Joe and Cobra figures can also try Entertainment Earth before pre-orders are up for the IMHO misguided Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins figures. Some people don’t care about source material.
To wash the taste of remakes and reboots out of our mouths, let’s enjoy some classic Fensler Films G.I. Joe PSAs!

What do you think of the Classified series of action figures? Should Hasbro refocus on the smaller 3.75″ line? Should the Joes from the previous two live-action movies get their own figures in the line? Let us know in the comments.

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