Edward Officially Revealed on Cowboy Bebop 2021

When news of who the cast members would be for the Netflix live action Cowboy Bebop first started to come out, along with photos from the 2021 series, one member was notably absent, with no hint as to who, or when, or even if, Edward would be making an appearance. Earlier today, Netflix Geeked Twitter finally announced with a gif of live action Radical Ed.

Radical Ed makes a first appearance in the last scene of the final episode of the season. Episode 10 is titled “Supernova Symphony”. Ed first appears with Ein in an alley to a passed out Spike. Ed is trying to wake Spike up to tell him they have a dangerous job for him that involves tracking down someone known as the Butterfly Man.

Here is a short clip shared on Twitter by AwestruckVox:

What do you think of this translation of anime-to-live-action Ed?