CAD Files For Valve’s ‘Steam Deck’ Are Now Available!

Have you reserved your Valve Steam Deck yet? The $399 portable gaming console will allow you to take your Steam library on the go, mostly. The problem? It comes in a boring dark gray or gunmetal gray color. I prefer my portable gaming units to be multicolored, so I look like a genuine jerk out in public.
Luckily for those of us with 3D printers, Valve has released the CAD files needed to create our own custom cases for the Steam Deck. PC Mag revealed that the STL and STP files for the Steam Deck are now available for download on GitLab.

STL and STP formats are typically used in 3D printing. I’ve typically used STL for 3D printing with ABS and PLC. If you’re looking to take a crack at these files and modify them for your Steam Deck, check out and get a trial of AutoCAD or Fusion 360 from Autodesk.
Valve has openly encouraged modders to open up the system, and these files allow us to make even further changes to the Steam Deck. However, Valve does have some words of warning:

“You have every right to open up your Steam Deck and do what you want with it. That said, we highly recommend you leave it to professionals. Any damage you do will not be covered by your warranty – but more importantly, you might break your Steam Deck, or even get hurt! Be careful, and have fun.”

Last year Valve published a teardown video of the Steam Deck, showing us the proper way to disassemble the unit without causing unnecessary damage. So it would appear while the parts are easily accessible, not everything is a simple swap out of aftermarket parts.

What do you think of Valve getting into the mobile gaming market? Let us know in the comments section below.
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