DJ Slope’s Hosting A Retro Gaming Charity Game Show This Thursday!

Do you want to reminisce about some retro games with YouTubers while also donating to a good cause? This week you can do just that!
DJ Slope and Larry Bundy, Jr., two of our previous guests, will be putting on Retro Gaming Charity Show this Thursday, March 24th, at 3 PM ET. Other YouTubers will be joining in: Top Hat Gaming Man, Smiley Dave, and Kim Justice. It’s a big British get-together!
Donations taken during the event will go towards the Ukraine Crisis Appeal run by the British Red Cross Society. The show will be taking place both on YouTube and Twitch.
Click here to set your alerts so you can join in on the event. Click here for more information on the British Red Cross Society’s charity.

On the 24th of March, I will be streaming a live Video game quiz show! with all money raised going to The British Red Cross Society that has launched an emergency appeal for Ukraine.
The stream will be on both YouTube and Twitch and will feature 4 different YouTube/Twitch personalities! Please make sure you join in on Twitch Live answering questions and hopefully seeing the counter go up to help the families of Ukraine!

I’ve selected some of my favorite episodes from some of the Game Show’s guests below to help you get up to speed on these YouTuber personalities:

Test your knowledge of retro video games with these folks this coming Thursday. I’ll be there. So bring your power gloves and Roll & Rocker controller! Donate, chat, and help those in need with this fine group of YouTubers.
For more retro gaming goodness, be sure to check out Larry Bundy, Jr.’s book Fact Hunt. It can be picked up on Kindle or hardcover at Amazon. It’s got pictures! Lots of them. And facts! The good kind, not the kind that makes you sad about life!
[Source: Extra Slope’s YouTube Channel]

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