Disney is SAVED?! Inside Out 2 SMASHES Box Office Records!

Disney and Pixar just got a saving throw. Inside Out 2 smashed all expectations this weekend, becoming Pixar’s second-best opening of all time. The GOOD news is that the movie seems to be a family-friendly return to form for Disney, which might incentivize them to go back to making movies like they used to. Maybe…?

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Disney’s Inside Out 2 has been a box office success, potentially saving the company and signaling a return to form with a focus on appealing to a wider audience.

00:00 Disney’s Inside Out 2 performed well at the box office, potentially saving Pixar and Disney, and there are theories that giving people what they want will lead to more success.

01:18 Inside Out 2 has a high Rotten Tomato score, positive audience reviews, and is family-friendly, making it a box office success for Disney.

02:30 Disney is struggling financially and needs to go back to basics to win back audiences, but it will take years to course correct.

03:45 Inside Out 2 breaks box office records with $295 million global start, proving the demand for good family movies.

06:00 Inside Out 2 is a multicultural success and Disney is doing something right.

07:04 Disney’s success with Inside Out 2 signals a return to form, with hopes for future success and a focus on appealing to a wider audience.

08:50 Disney’s diverse divisions and lack of competition helped Inside Out 2 smash box office records, potentially saving the company from criticism and rumors of refurbishing Journey to Imagination as Inside Out themed.

11:13 Disney’s stock is rising after Inside Out 2’s success, but there are doubts about their future decisions, and there is anticipation for the outcome of the Gina Carano lawsuit.

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