Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Early Beta Impressions – Multiplayer Madness

Call of Duty is once again revisiting familiar territory with the upcoming release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III remake. And while the full game, campaign and all, will be out in November 2023, eager players who want to get their multiplayer fix got a chance to hop online with the early access beta and play Modern Warfare 3 standard multiplayer games. For some, it might feel like whiplash to jump into Call of Duty multiplayer after playing Warzone for so long, but for others, it will feel like revisiting home. Despite this Call of Duty being a remake, however, you shouldn’t expect a lot of differences from what you may already know from the original game. That includes everything you loved about it, and everything you may have hated about it too.

Call of Duty multiplayer can be frantic and frustrating at times, often depending on how you’re winning or losing. If you had the chance to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer back in the day, you’ll already be familiar with the maps game modes included with the online beta. But unlock that version of the game, everything about the pre-game lobby and menus is designed like more recent games in the series, particularly Call of Duty Warzone. You can still customize your loadouts and player card, although the options in the beta are limited for the moment.

For weapons, there’s a good amount of guns and equipment, but you have even more options to try out beyond that. Choosing which gloves, boots, and extra equipment gives you additional perks that you don’t get from weapons, which can further boost your emphasis on attributes like mobility, endurance, and even highlighting enemy equipment. It’s a good way to tinker with your character further and be unique among the rest of the lobby. How far it goes is entirely dependent on your skill level and actions in a matchup, but there are plenty of options to unlock and experiment with as you play.

For the beta, there are three main maps for the Mosh Pit playlist, which include Estate, Skidrow, and Rust. Mosh Pit has your standard Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint game types. For just about anyone, this will be the playlist you spend the most time in with the beta, as it’s the multiplayer mayhem you know very well.

The Ground War playlist has one large map, the Popov Power Plant, that puts many players into one big battle. In Ground War, you struggle for control of key points and assist your team with spawn points, which can get pretty intense as the game goes on. Depending on how you select your loadouts beforehand, some matches may be easier to win than others, especially if you’re coordinating with your teammates enough or being a lone wolf.

Like every other Call of Duty game with multiplayer, Modern Warfare III feels very good to control and get into the action. The game runs at a high framerate on consoles and PCs and has a ton of details on every map and character you see. It’s par for the course with Call of Duty, which almost always has a high level in its presentation. At this point in the franchise history, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Call of Duty looks and sounds very good. But does that also match up with the amount of fun you get when playing it? For the most part, yes it does. A lot of the complaints people have with Call of Duty multiplayer always stem from personal skill and scenarios online, which never paints the full picture of the game itself. At its core, Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is very solid in nearly every aspect you expect it to be, with a lot of small quality-of-life aspects from things like Warzone to sweeten the package.

Matchmaking online in the beta is pretty good. Granted there are only so many players that will join in the early access and open beta for Modern Warfare 3, but the speed at which you find new matches is very good. Per usual, there are moments you’ll get thrown into a game already in progress, but it’s not a regular occurrence, which may or may not change when the full game is out. Pre-game lobbies allow you to vote on which map to play on next, with tied votes being a random selection.

If you are worried about getting thrown into a game type that you dislike multiple times, you’ll be happy to know Modern Warfare III doesn’t repeat previous matches often. Things will always be changing up as you play more and more games. And if you do not like what you see, jumping out and going back into matchmaking can help you find a brand new group pretty fast. While the beta is limited, hopefully, the full game will have more filter options to tailor what types of matches you can get placed in.

Despite what anyone will say, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III multiplayer is looking pretty good. It has the essence of what you want from the original game, but with a few tweaks to make it feel fresh enough to be released now. There are many unlockables and options to change up your character and loadout that can be unlocked over an extensive period of time, with much more that will be in the final release. Although the beta only covers the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare III, there’s still much more to enough within in the full package when the game finally releases on November 10th, 2023.

What do you think about Call of Duty multiplayer? Will you be picking up Modern Warfare III when it’s finally out? Share your thoughts about everything down below in the comment section!

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