Batman Manga Spin-Off ‘One Operation Joker’ Is Getting A Trade Paperback

‘One Operation Joker’ is a comedy manga spin-off of the iconic hero Batman published in Japan through Kodansha Comic DAYS magazine in cooperation with DC Comics. The story follows the Joker finding Batman as a baby after the Dark Knight falls into a de-aging chemical. The villain decides to adopt and raise his old nemesis as his own.
According to the synopsis from Baka-Updates, “Justice is necessary to prove evil, but Batman a symbol of justice turns into a baby from an unexpected accident! In other words, Batman is indispensable for his eternal villain Joker. Can the Joker raise a baby Batman to be a superhero of justice to show the fragility of justice and prove evil? DC Comics official villainy childcare comedy.”
DC Comics announced on social media that the story written by Miyagawa Satoshi and drawn by Keisuke Gotou is getting its first trade paperback release.
“‘One Operation JOKER Vol.1’ TP is now out in Japan,” they write. “After Batman falls into a chemical vat turning him into a baby, the Joker must raise him to be Batman! Witness his struggles as he raises a baby!”

Described as a ‘diabolic parent comedy,’ this is the second collaboration with Kodansha and DC Comics following the manga ‘Batman: Justice Buster.’
Comic Days said in a press release when the series premiered in January, “DC Comics in the world is officially recognized as a mystery! Batman’s eternal enemy, Joker’s villainous parenting comedy will be serialized in “Weekly Morning” and “Comic DAYS” from January 7th! In “COMIC DAYS”, the first episode will always be released for free, and the second and subsequent episodes will be updated at noon on Thursday, two weeks behind “Weekly Morning.'”
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