She-Ra Is Coming To Mondo’s Masters of the Universe Collection

During SDCC “Comic-Con At Home” Mondo revealed five new 12″ Masters of the Universe figures. These include Snake Man-At-Arms, Netflix Skeletor, Filmation Hordak, Classic Scareglow, and She-Ra!
She-Ra, the Princess of Power, marks Mondo’s first time bringing a female character of the MotU franchise into this 1/6th line of premium action figures. We spotted these images over at Super Hero Hype.
In the past, Mondo’s team put their own spin on the characters, usually straying far from the comic and TV versions of the heroes and villains. She-Ra (as seen above) looks very much like both her classic Mattel toy and Filmation counterpart. She will come with multiple tiaras and even the comb disguised as an ax. Adora’s alter ego also features the Filmation sword and a more Mondo-inspired one.

Classic Scareglow looks great. Mondo’s previous entry of this character was cool-looking but didn’t feel like he belonged in Masters of the Universe. The upcoming one looks more the part. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple.
Hordak returns. We covered his first appearance a couple of months ago. The Filmation variant keeps most of the same body parts, but swaps out heads with a more TV-accurate one. The colors have also been more updated to match the basic black, red, and blue or the ’80s Hordak.
The Snake Man version of Man-at-Arms finally brings us closer to something from the 200X series. If you’ve read the stories from Mattel’s Classics toys, the infection eventually led to Duncan’s death. Teela honors her father by taking his up his mantle.
The figure looks mostly the same as the previous release, but the armor has a metallic foil shine. He also comes with Orko disguised as a pot.
The Netflix series MotU: Revelation is also being introduced to this line. The first character up is Skeletor as he appears in the new animated show. This Skeletor looks to be a whole new sculpt. The master of Snake Mountain comes with his Havoc Staff and three different faces. Not a lot of thrills with this one.
The release window for these isn’t clear. They’re not currently on Mondo’s website.
What are your thoughts on these new additions to Mondo’s MotU 12″ figures? Which characters would you like to see Mondo do next? Triclops? Trapjaw? Bow? Let us know in the comments.
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