Garfield, Odie, and even Nermal Plushies Are On The Way. Yay…

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s will remember when Garfield was everywhere. The lazy cat who hates Mondays had TV series, comic strips, books, holiday specials, and parade balloons. Then, of course, there was also the plushie.
You know which one I’m talking about. Your aunt probably had the Garfield plushie in her car; his suction cup hands adhered to her back window. This fad spread like a disease. I’d see Garfield grinning out at me from a variety of vehicles. He was on semi-trucks, Cadillacs, mini-vans, and I even once saw him stuck on the passenger side window of a Lamborghini Countach LP400S.
Well, the fad has returned. Or, at least, it is trying to. There are multiple listings at Entertainment Earth for suction cup Garfields and Odies. Each is $14.99 and has a shipping date of January 2022. So who sacrificed a goat to a trickster god to resurrect this fad?!

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth
Oh, yes. There’s also a Nermal plushie. Yeah. Nermal. We all think the same thing about Nermal. No version of Earth exists throughout the multi-verse where Nermal is loved. You could say that disdain for Nermal is the only constant throughout time and space.
Entertainment Earth
I firmly believe that all Americans have a love or hate relationship with Garfield. Unfortunately, there’s no middle ground when it comes to the lasagna-loving feline. The only way he is palatable to everyone is through parody. Thankfully, we have Lasagna Cat and Lumpy Touch.

Now, if you brought back the Garfield landline touch-tone telephone, I may buy one to give to my employees instead of pink slips. Nothing says I’ve wrecked your financial well-being quote like a Garfield telephone.
Do you love or hate Garfield. It’s OK. We can all be honest here. So, let us know your true feelings about Jim Davis’s creation in the comments section.
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