Alienware Wants To Make Streaming Easier and Homebased

PC MAG (Molly Flores)

Have you tried cloud gaming? Or simply streaming from your XBOX or Playstation while in another room? It’s hit or miss. Even with line-of-sight to my equipment, lag and latency issues always arise. Well, Alienware wants to mitigate those issues by introducing an in-house solution for all your existing video games.
PC Mag published an article detailing their hands-on, albeit limited, experience with Alienware’s ‘Concept NYX’ home server at CES 2022. This vast black box ran multiple games on multiple screens, sometimes numerous games on the same screen. It’s a handy device if you live with many gamers and you all want to store your titles on the same piece of hardware.
As stated, it’s a server. One specifically designed for home use and the users’ existing libraries of games. Concept NYX isn’t exactly a new concept to anyone who has housed a network server in their home before. However, Alienware and Dell are trying to make this an all-in-one solution that can appeal to the average gamer.

PC MAG (Molly Flores)
The server itself looks like a non-descript PC but larger and with a severe lack of airflow if the display model is anything to go by. Dell and Alienware PCs are notorious for their lack of ventilation, leading to eyebrow-raising thermals. Since the specs of the NYX were not available, this could be a mockup, far from the finished version.
From the PC Mag article, this is a home solution and a home solution only. Gaming on the go was not mentioned. Regardless of the server’s processing power, you’d still be at the mercy of your ISP when trying to play Security Breach on your iPhone in the toilet at work through a firewall.
The allure of the NYX isn’t there for me. I have a TV in nearly every bedroom with some streaming stick or device attached. How often will someone find themselves needing to play Cyberpunk or Fallout New Vegas while in the kitchen or dining room?
Considering the premium, Dell loves to slap on Alienware tech while also managing to underdeliver what indie shops can provide for less money makes this thing sound DOA if it ever arrives.
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[Source: PC MAG]

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