J. Scott Campbell’s Alice is Playing a Game of Hearts In Wonderland

J. Scott Campbell made the comic book women of the 1990s just for teens like me. You know what I’m talking about. So please don’t pretend you didn’t cut out pictures of Gen13’s Fairchild from copies of Wizard and tape them all over your room.
Ahem. Anyway, continuing Campbell’s trend of making the most stunning women possible across multiple mediums, his work is again showcased by Sideshow Collectibles with a variant of his Alice in Wonderland statue. This new edition is titled Game of Hearts. Alice will cost $399 and has a release window between April and June 2022.
Essentially, the statue is the same but with an intriguing color swap. Alice is now a brunette and sports a much more Queen of Hearts look. Rather than her goto color being blue, she has traded it in for black and blood red.
This version of Alice also has subtle freckles on her face, which I found pretty cute. The Cheshire Cat, which also acts as the base of the statue, has an updated color scheme. The white and magenta pop a bit more than the previous statue’s blue and violet.


The Alice in Wonderland: Game of Hearts Edition Statue measures 13.5” tall, as Alice sits atop a pink and gray dappled mushroom amid the magical world of Wonderland. She holds various playing cards in her hands, trying to learn the rules that change just as quickly as she learns them! From the swirling base of the figure, the white and pink Cheshire Cat gives its famous toothy grin as it cleverly blends into the whimsical environment, wishing Alice the best of luck in her bout against the Queen of Hearts.

What are your thoughts on Campbell’s artwork? Loving depictions of the female form or overblown objectification? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
[Source: Sideshow]

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