🎮 STRANGER THINGS: The Game iOS Gameplay | Chapter 1: The Lost Boys

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STRANGER THINGS: The Game (iOS Gameplay)
Chapter 1: The Lost Boys
Who wants Eggos? There’s a new mobile game based on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, and like the show it’s based on it’s full of retro 1980s goodness.

We play through the first chapter of the game, called The Lost Boys (which, coincidentally, was the name of a 1980s cult hit.)

In this chapter, Hopper and Lucas search Hawkins National Laboratory for… Eggos, apparently. Oh, sorry, the lost kids from the first season of Stranger Things. Along the way we find Joyce Byers lost keys, talk to “douchebag” Steve and go looking for Nancy… who has inexplicably returned to the Upside Down. Maybe she’s looking for Barb? Poor Barb!

ABOUT STRANGER THINGS THE GAME: Developed by Bonux XP, Inc. this retro style action RPG game is similar to NES classics like The Legend of Zelda. They’ve also developed other indie games such as Cavemania and Hero Academy 2. The game was released on October 4, 2017 on iOS and Android platforms and serves to bridge the gap between Stranger Things seasons 1 and 2.

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