Whack-A-Mole Update Now Available for ‘Dead Cells’

Motion Twin

If there’s one game I could play over and over regardless of how many times I die, it’s ‘Dead Cells.’ The roguelike beauty never fails at lulling me into a sense of security with a great weapons drop, only to catch me off guard with a well-spawned enemy at the bottom of a drop.
Frustrating, yet rewarding. The way a game should be, and that game keeps getting better.
Motion Twin has released update 2.3 for the amazing indie title. We found this out thanks to Nintendo Life. The new release is going by the name ‘Whack-a-Mole’ and features three new heavy weapons.
Several bug fixes, quality of life changes, and balancing tweaks are included. The official patch notes for this update can be found here. As far as what has been added, we’ll list those here:

  • New weapon: the Oven Axe. They say the last hit can be chained, but no one lived long enough to confirm…
  • New weapon: the Toothpick. A big wooden club. Hold to charge and break the club on the head of your unfortunate enemies.
  • New weapon: the Tombstone. Stay on the ground and doom nearby enemies if you manage to kill something with the last hit. An ethereal tombstone falls on the heads of doomed enemies. Each kill starts a new wave of doom (up to 3 consecutive waves).

Motion Twin posted previews of the new weapons on Twitter:

If you haven’t picked up ‘Dead Cells’ … why not? It’s available on nearly every current platform. I play it while doing cardio at the gym because it makes that hour fly by. When I grow frustrated by dying while having a perfect run, I take it out on the punching bag. Video games really should be built into every piece of cardio equipment now.

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