Wizards of the Coast F*CKS OVER Brazilian Dungeons & Dragons Players!

Dungeons & Dragons will no longer be available in Portuguese, despite the tabletop game being a HUGE hit in Brazil. What’s worse? WotC announced that they were cutting the Portuguese version, reportedly the day before a holiday dedicated to the RPG hobby. WotC keeps stepping on that rake…

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Additional Context:
In 2023, WotC announced several updates and new initiatives for D&D aimed at making the game more accessible to new players and enhancing the overall experience. These updates include reworks to character creation, the introduction of Weapon Mastery, and new spells referencing iconic characters from D&D’s history. They also revealed plans for the revival of the Planescape campaign setting, among other product releases​​.

However, WotC has faced significant backlash from the D&D community in recent times, particularly regarding their handling of the Open Game License (OGL). Rumors and eventual confirmation of changes to the OGL led to widespread concern and criticism among fans and content creators. The controversy stemmed from leaked plans to update the OGL in a way that would significantly increase WotC’s control over third-party content, requiring creators to report earnings and potentially pay royalties. The reaction included organized boycotts and the creation of alternative gaming licenses by other publishers​​.

This context of controversy and community backlash may frame the current situation with the Portuguese version of D&D. If WotC has indeed decided to cut the Portuguese version, it could be seen as another step that has frustrated the dedicated fan base, especially in Brazil where D&D is reportedly very popular. The timing with a holiday dedicated to the RPG hobby, if accurate, would likely add to the frustration, seen as insensitive to the community’s passion and dedication to D&D.

WotC’s actions in recent years, including the OGL controversy and other decisions, reflect a challenging balancing act between expanding and monetizing the D&D franchise while maintaining a loyal and engaged player base. The company’s efforts to address feedback and adapt to community concerns, as noted in their updates and changes to policies, indicate an awareness of the importance of the D&D community’s support for the game’s continued success and growth.

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