White House’s AI Safeguards Picked Up By Major Tech Giants

AI has been on everyone’s mind lately. SAG-AFTRA and WGA are worried about artificial intelligence replacing talent in front and behind the scenes. Recently, the White House has laid out a set of safeguards that may keep technological advancements from running rampant.

Ultimately, the “safeguards” are more like a promise from companies like Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Inflection, and Anthropic that the AI products they produce are “totally safe, bro – trust me!

According to an Associated Press story that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel, there are no mandatory rules that the tech giants must follow; abiding by the White House’s safeguards is entirely voluntary.

The details of the safeguards are a little murky. The companies volunteering for the safety measures will agree to allow third parties to audit whatever AI tools, products, or software currently being developed.

What we do know is that some of the tests will look at the AI’s ability to copy itself, overtake physical controls, or if it develops harmful biases. However, the way in which these things are measured, tested, and quantified is unknown.

Some don’t believe that this voluntary audit is enough. AI Now Intitute’s executive director, Amba Kak, thinks the current plan is insufficient, saying, “We need a much more wide-ranging public deliberation, and that’s going to bring up issues that companies almost certainly won’t voluntarily commit to because it would lead to substantively different results, ones that may more directly impact their business models.

Overregulation could also hamper technological advancements for smaller tech companies. As we’ve seen in the past, the little guy usually makes a breakthrough, and the tech giants swoop in to buy it up and fast-track development and refinement. If AI is heavily regulated, it may put too much of a squeeze on the market where only wealthy companies will survive.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel via The Associated Press]

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