Apple May Be Putting the Mac OS In A Keyboard?

Apple may soon be implementing the Mac OS into devices other than the all-in-one monitor or Mac Mini. PC Mag reported on the findings of Patently Apple that the computer manufacturer has filed an updated patent pointing to the potential merger of a Mac with another device.
Where we’ve seen Macs in monitors, what if the OS was inside a Keyboard or another device typically paired with a desktop computer? The US patent filing points to Apple’s newest type of all-in-one Macintosh.


The computing device 100 shown in FIG. 1A can also function as an input device, such as a keyboard, and can be used with a display 102. This is, however, merely one representative example of a computing device that can be used in conjunction with the ideas disclosed herein. The computing device 100 can, for example, correspond to a virtual keyboard, a track pad or touchpad, a mouse, a tablet computer, a combination thereof, or other input devices. The computing device 100 shown in FIG. 1A can be generally referred to as a keyboard having computing components which permit the keyboard to function as a desktop computing device. As shown, the computing device 100 can be used in conjunction with any number of monitors or displays 102, as well as other input devices such as a mouse 104, a track pad (see FIG. 5), a stylus (not shown), a microphone (not shown), or any combination of input devices.

This is a logical progression for Macs. If Apple wants to keep displays slim while eliminating desktop clutter, why not combine the smaller Mac Mini into the keyboard? This could make a desktop Mac even more portable if you could also stream wirelessly to an iPad or iPhone while traveling.
What do you think of Apple potentially combing input devices with a Mac? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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