What To Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend is usually a time for… well, giving thanks for what you have in life and spending time with close family and friends. It can also be a time to watch some fun animated content that you may or may not have seen before, whether it is about Thanksgiving or not. Here are a few that are temporarily free to watch, just recently made available on Netflix, or just to watch something really cute and sweet that is sure bring a smile to someone’s face.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving:
Originally airing in November 20th 1973, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be available to watch for free from November 23-27. This was the third Holiday Special from the Peanuts series, after A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (1966). You can watch it for free on Apple+, but it will require at least an Apple ID account.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving trailer:

The Action Pack Saves Christmas:
Based on a preschool-aged series that began premiering on Netflix in January 2022, The Action Pack Saves Christmas special will be available to watch on Netflix on Monday, November 28th. The Action Pack teams up with Santa Claus to save the day when greedy Teddy Von Taker plots to steal all of the Christmas cheer from Hope Springs.

The Action Pack Saves Christmas trailer:

The Boxtrolls:
Produced by Laika, this American stop-motion movie originally came out in 2014. The movie is loosely based on a 2005 novel by Alan Snow called Here Be Monsters! It was the directorial debut of Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi. The Boxtrolls is about Eggs (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), who was orphaned at infancy, and raised by Boxtrolls, underground dwellers who scavenge the streets of Cheesebridge by night. A surprise encounter with a human girl (Elle Fanning) leads to unexpected discoveries about his mysterious past and his imprisoned real father. The Boxtrolls became available to watch on Netflix on November 23rd.

The Boxtrolls trailer:

Osamu Tezuka Experimental Animation Collection Vol. 1 and 2:
Since Osamu Tezuka was born on November 3rd, the official YouTube channel of Tezuka Production Official have made his two experimental compilation films available free for public viewing until November 30th. Tezuka Production explains what makes these two compilation films experimental: Why “experimental”? Because they were made as his private experimental project conducted with his own money. He tested various methods in them to broaden the possibility of animation expression.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Princess Arete:
A 2001 anime film, Princess Arete is based on a 1983 story called The Clever Princess, written by Diana Coles. Released by Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C and directed by Sunao Katabuhi, the movie is available to watch for free on Studio 4°C’s official YouTube channel until December 2nd. Confined in the castle tower by her father, princess Arete spends her days watching the world outside her window. While she looks out at the common people working, the knights of the kingdom compete for her hand in marriage by searching for powerful magical items from a race of long-dead sorcerers. When a sorcerer called Boax comes to the castle, he sets about persuading the King to let him marry the princess. But he secretly fears a prophecy which foretells Arete ending his life – leading him to imprison her the minute she’s in his castle!

Princess Arete Subtitled trailer:

Princess Arete Subtitled movie:

Tom & Jerry Shorts:
As part of a celebration of Cheese Day on November 11th in Japan, Cartoon Network Japan premiered a new series featuring the famous cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry, but in a more “kawaii”, or cute, format. Not intended to replace the classic style of Tom & Jerry, the short clips shared in this video still features the characters up to shenanigans, but in a less… violent sort of way. According to SoraNews24, the producers describe it as “Adding a topping of kawaii to the speedy, humorous movement of the good-natured fights Tom and Jerry always get into. Tom, a fussy cat who can’t be hated; Jerry, a cute by clever mouse and Tuffy (a.k.a. Nibbles), a small and cute mouse, all transform into adorable characters, such as their favorite food.”

Two kawaii Tom & Jerry Shorts:

What do you think about this list? Do any of them look interesting to you? Which ones will you be watching? Let us know!
If you celebrate the holidays, we all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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