Video: Victoria Vertuga Talks Found Footage Horror Documentary ‘LEXI’

What happens when a social media influencer encounters a paranormal force, and her mental state starts to decline? Today we spoke with actor, producer, and filmmaker Victoria Vertuga about her newest horror film LEXI.

LEXI is available now to rent over at Vimeo for $3.99.

Lexi is a 29 year old self-improvement influencer who shares everything with her followers. When she moves into her very first home, she is elated. But that joy is short lived after a series of unsettling events occur. Fearing for her safety and worried that she may be the victim of a stalker, Lexi installs multiple security cameras inside and outside of her house. Footage from these cameras and her own social media posts take us on a mysterious journey as Lexi’s life begins to unravel. Experts, fans, and haters sound off with their theories, but no one knows for sure: what happened to Lexi

Check out our previous interview with Victoria when her web series DisGraced premiered. For more on Victoria and her career, check out her official website.