Trailer for Dragon Ball Super Sequel Movie Has Arrived

Toei has just released the trailer for the sequel to the 2018 (Japan), 2019 (USA) movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The new movie is called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The focus of the sequel appears to be more on Piccolo and Gohan, who resembles his preteen years for his character design. The movie is set to release in theaters on April 22nd in Japan.

As of this writing, it has only been released for the Japanese audience with no subtitles. However there are translations as to what is being said in the trailer, as well as a synopsis of the movie.

First the trailer:

Twitter user Cipher_db provided an English translation of what is being said as well as what the text says on the screen.

Text: (Original story, script, character designer) Akira Toriyama’s latest passion project
Text: Gets a globally anticipated film release
Vegeta: Don’t get carried away!
Text: Calling all superheroes!
Gohan: Who are you?
Gamma 1/2: We’re superheroes, carrying out orders for justice
Gohan: Piccolo!
Gamma 1/2: I’m a little disappointed. I thought you’d be better than this.
Text: The ultimate Artificial Humans
Text: A secret conspiracy plot
Magenta: The resurrection of the Red Ribbon Army is at hand!
Pan: Daddy!
Gohan: Pan!
Text: A clash of superheroes
Dr Hedo: It’s time for the hero to show up. Cool, right?
Gamma 1/2(?): Now I know which one the bad guy is!
Text: A never-before-seen evolution!
Piccolo: Gohan, show me your real power!
Text: A great awakening! And-
Gohan: I’m going to take you guys down!
Text: The birth of the ultimate evil
Hedo: Aw, crap!!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie poster

The Youtube description roughly translates to:

The original author Akira Toriyama is a long-awaited film adaptation of the whole world. Superhero Large Set Super Battle Action, Start!

In the previous film, the latest movie of the “Dragon Ball Cho” series, which was a mega hit of 13.5 billion yen at the worldwide box office, is born with further “awakening”! The focus is on Son Gohan and Piccolo in this work, which will be one of the original author Akira Toriyama’s whole body! The new power created by the master and pupil combination is the world’s worst army “Red Ribbon Army”, and a new Android clash! Experience this hot battle with the highest density of video quality in the cinema!!!!

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing it when it comes to the US?

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