Toys are for ADULTS Now, Not Kids.

It’s official — more adults are buying toys for themselves than they are for children. In fact, kids today don’t seem to be as into toys as previous generations. So, let’s talk about toy collecting and the return of 80s brands like Transformers, GI Joe, Strawberry Shortcake, and more.

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Adults are now the largest group of toy buyers, spending billions on nostalgic retro toys for themselves, driving up prices for vintage toys and leading to a resurgence in the toy industry.

00:00 Adults are now buying more toys than kids, leading to changes in the toy market and driving up prices for vintage toys.

02:55 Adults now make up the largest group of toy buyers, spending over $1.53 billion on toys, with 43% buying for themselves last year.

04:54 Adults are buying nostalgic retro toys for themselves, not just for kids, leading to a resurgence in the toy industry and a market for reissues and retro items.

08:24 Adults are now interested in retro toys from their childhood, like Care Bears and Rainbow Bright, and are buying expensive limited edition items.

10:55 Adults are now collecting vintage toys like Plum Pudding and Strawberry Shortcake, seeking help to find them.

12:50 Adult collectors are driving the toy market, with companies bringing back popular lines and targeting adults as the main consumers.

15:10 Old toy companies are creating adult-focused content and reviving old brands, focusing on storytelling and multimedia, rather than targeting younger audiences.

18:59 Adults are now the target market for toy collectors, with the speaker expressing excitement for upcoming toy releases and encouraging adults to buy more toys.

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