Get Your Mega Man X4 Statues In Red, Blue, and With Lights, Too!

It has been just over 25 years since Mega Man X4 hit consoles in the late 1990s. To celebrate, First4Figures has announced multiple new Mega Man X statues.

Photo Credit: First4Figures

The Definitive Editions of Mega Man X and X (Final Weapon) come with the following features:

  • Premium Painted Resin Statue of X in the final stage, (Final Weapon)
  • Premium Painted Resin Statue of X in the final stage, (Final Weapon), equipped with weapon Rising Fire
  • Highly Detailed and Energetic Pose
  • Exploding Sculpted Base with Fire, Smoke, Broken Cables and Sigma’s Body Parts
  • LED function in X’s armor and Sigma’s head(Static only)
  • Two LED Functions(Static and Animated) in Explosion Effect
  • An Interchangeable X-Buster Part with Blast Effect
  • Limited Edition Numbering
  • Authentication Card

If you buy these things, you may as well go for the Definitive Edition versions since they come with LED lights and a removable X-Buster blast effect. However, you can save about $100 by getting the standard releases lacking extra parts and light-up features.

The X4 statues are broken out into these different releases:

These are expected to ship by around the second quarter of 2024.

The last time we saw First4Figures tackle this franchise was when they revealed several versions of a Zero statue about six months ago.

Photo Credit: First4Figures
Photo Credit: First4Figures
Photo Credit: First4Figures
Photo Credit: First4Figures

Mega Man X4 debuted on the PlayStation and SEGA Saturn in 1997. It contained several great animated story segments (with terrible voice acting), and the gameplay retained the awesome 2D sprites the previous games were known for.

The various Mega Man games can be picked up in multiple collections on PlayStation and XBOX.

The voice work in X4 may have been bad, but it was nowhere near as awful as what was in Mega Man 8. Check it out for yourself below:

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