The Valaverse ‘Action Force’ Vanguard Vehicle is Here!

After months of the 1:12 scale vehicle being teased, pre-orders have finally started for the Action Force Vanguard! Give your Valaverse figures and G.I. Joes something extraordinary to roll around in!

Last year, I had the opportunity to review several figures and accessories Valaverse had to offer. Needless to say, I was impressed. As a long-time G.I. Joe and Marvel action figure collector, I was happy to see that the Action Force line delivered the same (if not better) quality toys as Hasbro.

Now, we get to see that kind of dedication poured into a vehicle. While it may not be the H.I.S.S. tank, it also isn’t as expensive (only $184.99). Plus, it’s just as modular and more customizable.

As of today, there are two Vanguard colors to choose from: Stealth Gray and Desert Tan. Regardless of which one you pick, they’ll come with the same accessories and include one action figure:

  • Over 20″ long
  • Includes 6″ Reaper driver figure
  • Four removable doors
  • Turn steering wheel to turn front tires
  • Working front winch
  • Each Vanguard includes sticker label sheet
  • Removable gas cans in trunk
  • Top hatch can be removed to install machine gun turret or missile launcher
  • Control arm rifle fits on the turret or inside trunk
  • Removeable shovel accessory
  • BONUS missile launcher included with all pre-order Vanguard items
Action Force Vanguard Vehcile
Photo Credit: Valaverse

One of the best things about Valaverse’s Action Force line is the endless amount of customization. Hopefully, this trend will extend to the Vanguard with future accessory packs.

Another positive about Valaverse producing a vehicle under $200 is that it will force Hasbro to rethink the G.I. Joe Classified line and cause the company to produce additional and more affordable vehicles for the 1:12 scale line of figures.

Bobby Vala discussed the Vanguard and the toy industry with us on the D-Rezzed Podcast. Check that out below.

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