The Two Looks of The Original Leatherface Are Now Premium Statues

I’ve heard Bubba makes a pretty good headcheese. Though, I’m not sure I want to know all the ingredients. In fact, I’d rather not eat anything made by a guy named Leatherface. I will, however, totally buy a statue of his iconic horror movie likeness.
Over at Sideshow, it was announced that PCS is producing two new statues based on Bubba Sawyer’s appearances in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dubbed “The Butcher” and the “Pretty Woman,” the master of slaughtering wayward strangers will be a welcome addition to any horror fan’s home. The statues measure about 28″ to 33″ tall, and the pair will cost $3,000 together or $1,580 and $1,680 separately.
Both versions of Bubba Sawyer come clad in fabric costumes featuring a lot of detail. While the iconic butcher version of Bubba is as intimidating as ever, his “pretty woman” mask is even more terrifying. His squealing echos in my head every time I look at him.
I think Gunnar Hansen would be proud of these two statues. Though we don’t see much of the actor’s face in the film, his stature and imposing presence can be felt via the statues.


The Leatherface The Butcher Statue measures 29.5” tall and 16” wide as the cannibal charges through a doorway wielding a mallet, standing on a base inspired by the dilapidated Sawyer family home. His signature look features a tailored mixed media costume application, including a light pink collared shirt, black pants, a black necktie, and a yellow butcher’s smock with blood-like stains. The smock and tie have wire in the seams for posing, allowing you to craft more dramatic, dynamic movement in this pulse-pounding chase sequence.


This horror statue features a mixed media costume application, wearing a light pink collared shirt, black pants, a black necktie, and a navy suit jacket. The jacket and tie have wire in the seams for posing the fabric. Additional costuming details like the open fly, exposed cut on his right leg, and the charm bracelet on his left wrist help to complete this meticulous recreation.

What are your thoughts on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherfaces? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Sideshow]

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