The TurboGrafx-16’s Alien & Devil’s Crush Soundtracks Are On Vinyl

Photo Credit: Mondo

Two of the TurboGrafx-16’s most iconic games now have their soundtracks etched onto vinyl thanks to Mondo and Enjoy The Ride Records. The soundtracks for Devil’s Crush and Alien Crush are now available in one multi-colored vinyl record for $25. Unfortunately, only 200 of these are being made!

As the names suggest, Devil’s Crush featured a pinball table themed around Satanic and nightmarish iconography. Alien Crush, meanwhile, took a lot of its design inspiration from sources like H.R. Gieger and R-Type. Out of the two, Devil’s Crush was the better one, in my opinion. Check out the gameplay videos below, and let us know what you think.

The Crush soundtracks also contain a bonus. Side B includes choice tracks from Toshiaki Sadoda’s Star Soldier score.

Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo


Side A

  1. Devil’s Crush
  2. Title Screen
  3. Main Table
  4. High Score Table
  5. Bonus Table 1
  6. Bonus Table 2
  7. Bonus Table 3
  8. Bonus Table 4
  9. Score Tally 1
  10. Score Tally 2
  11. Score Tally 3
  12. Score Tally 4
  13. Extra Ball
  14. Ending
  15. Credits
  16. Alien Crush
  17. Title
  18. Lunar Eclipse
  19. Demon’s Undulate
  20. Bonus Stage 1
  21. Bonus Stage 1 Clear
  22. Bonus Stage 2
  23. Bonus Stage 2 Clear
  24. Bonus Points
  25. Event 1
  26. Event 2
  27. Event 3
  28. Event 4
  29. Event 5
  30. Game Over
  31. The Best Five

Side B

  1. Bonus Tracks – Star Soldier
  2. Star Solider Title
  3. Star Solider Stage 1
  4. Star Solider Stage 2
  5. Star Solider Stage 9
  6. Star Solider Final Boss
  7. Star Solider Ending
  8. Star Solider Caravan Mode

Considering the TurboGrafx 16 wasn’t exactly as popular as the NES in the US, there’s a good chance you’ve never seen these games before. My parents, for whatever reason, always got the lesser-known consoles when I was growing up. So, of course, I had a TG-16 and loved it. It may not have had the most extensive library of video games, but it did have some of the most unique titles of the time.

Check out the videos below for some of what you may have missed out on:


[Source: Mondo]

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