Sulu Of The Terran Empire Is EXO-6’s Latest ‘Star Trek’ Figure

EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.

Mirror, Mirror introduced a staple to the Star Trek franchise that I’m usually excited to see pop up in every series. Seeing well-known characters suddenly undergo a significant transformation via an alternate universe is exceedingly entertaining, with one of my favorites being the Terran Empire version of the NX-01’s crew.
A few months ago, we saw the evil Spock. Finally, another member of the Mirror Universe Enterprise crew is joining the EXO-6 series of 1/6th scale Star Trek action figures. Get ready to face off with the deadly Security Chief Sulu. Predatory in every sense of the word, this Mr. Sulu is a major departure from the original.
Sulu will cost just under $250, including shipping.

EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.
EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.
EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.
EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.
EXO-6 | CBS Studios, Inc.
Mr. Sulu will come with the following features and accessories:

  • Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 28 cm tall.
  • Realistic Portrait: Sulu’s portrait is lovingly rendered by top artists, with an excellent likeness of Takei and his maniacal smirk. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted.
  • Terran Empire Uniform: Meticulously researched, this uniform matches the pattern and color of the original costume recreated in 1:6 scale. Magnets are sewn into the uniform so the phaser and dagger can be attached. The Terran insignia and medals are permanently attached to his tunic. (The uniform is not removeable.)
  • Boots: Using leather-like material cut in the original style of the footwear worn in Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • Hands: A total of eight interchangeable hands are included so he can be displayed holding the various accessories or doing the Terran salute.
  • Display Base: A hexagonal display base featuring the transporter pad will provide additional support for the figure. Two different inserts for the floor of the base can represent the transporter pad or the center of the transporter array.
  • Autograph card: An informational card that can used to get an autograph from the performer and displayed with your figure.
  • Phaser Type 2/ Type 1: The pistol-grip type 2 phaser is the weapon of choice for any landing party expecting hostile aliens.  The smaller Type 1 phaser can be removed and used separately.  Both have magnets allowing either to be worn on the utility belt or directly on the pants as they were in the 3rd season.
  • Dagger and sheath: Standard issue for Terran Empire officers, the dagger is perfect for up close and personal assassinations.
  • Communicator: This accurately styled communicator features a real metal flip-up antenna. Includes a magnet so it can attach to the pants.

In the comments section below, let us know what you think about this Mirror Universe Sulu.
[Source: EXO-6]

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