As The World Falls Down, Pick Up These Labyrinth Mini Epic Vinyl Figures!

Jim Henson’s cinematic efforts were before their time. The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth were not financially successful but remain staples of the dark fantasy genre and are loved decades on. Maybe audiences weren’t ready for this stuff? Possibly. Will we see a resurgence in this genre? Well, we saw what happened on Netflix…
Fantasy may be in quality limbo right now, but at least the collectibles market is thriving. Weta will be expanding the Epic Vinyl line of stylized statues with characters from Labyrinth. Who is making the cut? The Goblin King, Sarah, and the loveable Ludo.
Each 6″ tall figure Weta Workshop’s Mauro Santini and Jorgelina Yeme.

Jim Henson | Weta

The most dazzling Goblin King to ever grace the silver screen takes shape as an EPIC character. Featured in his iconic outfit from the “Dance Magic Dance” scene complete with his sceptre. Grab Jareth before the 13th hour strikes! Figure stands about 2-inches long x 6 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches deep.

Jim Henson | Weta

Sarah has much to learn and a Labyrinth full of creatures to teach her. Featured in her iconic vest and jean outfit, Sarah is holding the Labyrinth book and favorite plush.

Jim Henson | Weta

Ludo’s EPIC strength and size are only outmatched by his own heart. Standing 6-inches tall, adorable Ludo holds one of the door knocker’s ring in his mouth just like in the scene from the film!

Jim Henson | Weta

The friendship between these two is so inseparable we couldn’t bare to keep them apart. In fact, we thought the more the merrier, so had William the Worm join in too. No Labyrinth can trap this trio for long.

The Mini Epic Vinyls will be shipping around March 2022. The individual statues cost $49.99, while the Sarah and Ludo pack is $99.99. Click here to start your pre-order!
[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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