Samsung’s Acid Spill Eliminated All Aquatic Life In An Austin Tributary

For over 100 days, sulfuric acid waste from a Samsung semiconductor plant leaked into a stormwater pond in Austin, Texas. PC Mag reported that 106 days passed before this significant environmental issue was recognized and halted.
CBS Austin stated that over 763k gallons of the waste had contaminated the tributary of Harris Branch Creek by that time. According to the Austin City Council, the result was that almost all aquatic life had been wiped out.
The Watershed Protection Department will be conducting an investigation. Still, it is unclear if there will be any way to remedy the damage done by close to a million gallons of acid waste entering that ecosystem. The WPD issued a memorandum detailing the initial discovery and findings. The department appears to be aiming for transparency with its conclusions:

“WPD is receiving daily updates from Samsung on the remediation process at the stormwater pond and will inspect the pond for integrity once the remediation is complete and before it is allowed to be put back in service. In addition, WPD will be performing weekly surveys of the affected tributary to monitor water quality parameters, including pH, until all remediation is complete.
Public access to this area is limited, and there are no nearby parks. WPD did not observe
indications of homeless encampments along the tributary. There is one apartment complex north of the tributary near Harris Branch Parkway, as well as an area with single family housing south of the tributary, also near Harris Branch Parkway. At this time, WPD must yield to TCEQ to perform and report on any assessments on impacts to human health.”

What could this mean for Samsung? Well, probably just fees, fines, and a slap on the wrist from local media. However, the affected area is not small. The image below is from the memorandum. Everything highlighted in red is the area affected by the acid waste leak in the Harris Branch Creek.

City of Austin
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