The Bionic Woman Robo-Leaps Into Super7’s ReAction Toy Line


After a tragic skydiving accident, tennis pro Jaime Sommers undergoes life-altering surgery, which turns her into the superhuman Bionic Woman! You can now relive the short-lived spinoff series to The Six Million Dollar Man with these two new figures from Super7.
A Fembot joins Jaime Sommers in the 3.75″ tall ReAction series. Each figure is priced at $18.00. Unfortunately, neither figure has accessories or special features, which is a shame considering how much stuff Kenner packed in the box of the ’70s figures.

I’d buy the figures just for Lindsay Wagner’s beautiful face on the blister card. Like The Six Million Dollar Man, the show was a bit before my time, but remnants of the shows and their effect on pop culture lived on into the 1980s. Though highly discounted, you could still find the Kenner Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers figures at toy stores.
Aside from random references in shows here and there, the Bionic duo vanished from the mainstream. However, in 2007 NBC attempted to revive the Bionic Woman with English actress Michelle Ryan, who was amazing in BBC’s Jekyll.
The reboot only lasted one season, with eight episodes in total. Bionic Woman of 2007 was met with harsh criticism and produced during the Writer’s Strike, which probably didn’t help matters.

This is a really odd franchise to make a figure for. I don’t think Super7 has made a Six Million Dollar Man figure yet. Perhaps this figure is a gateway into that franchise. However, Steve Austin will need to come with some accessories or a Big Foot to fight.
If you want to catch up on the old series, you can stream it via NBC. Sadly, The Bionic Woman isn’t available.
What do you think of this latest addition to the ReAction toyline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
[Source: Super7]

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