The Acolyte Glowing Reviews BLASTED by Forbes! The Critics Must Be Crazy!

The Acolyte is a MEDIOCRE Star Wars show at best, says Forbes, and the critics must be “crazy” for heaping praise on it. Of course, the new Star Wars series has become another hockey puck in the “culture wars” and many critics are probably propping the show up to stick it to the “chuds.”

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The Forbes critic criticizes the glowing reviews of “The Acolyte” as biased and out of touch with the reality of the show’s quality.

00:00 Forbes critic blasts glowing reviews of The Acolyte, suggesting manipulation of ratings, while the speaker defends the fan base.

01:55 Forbes critic blasts “The Acolyte” glowing reviews, calling them biased and easily manipulated.

03:30 Forbes criticizes “The Acolyte” for not doing much with the new setting, making it feel unoriginal and lacking in greatness.

05:05 Forbes criticizes glowing reviews of “The Acolyte” for not matching their own experience, stating the series is not as compelling or original as claimed.

06:39 Critics dismiss valid criticism of The Acolyte, focusing on diversity over story and characters, leading to polarization and people not giving the show a chance.

09:37 Forbes criticizes the polarizing reviews of “The Acolyte” on Rotten Tomatoes, stating that the show is only middling and not as great as the reviews suggest.

12:00 Forbes criticizes glowing reviews of “The Acolyte” as out of touch with Star Wars and its fandom, stating the show has fundamental problems and Disney’s mediocrity is killing the franchise.

13:44 The Acolyte has mediocre reviews, but it’s refreshing to see a fair stance from a critic.

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