Superman Goes On A New Quest To Try Japanese Cuisine In New Manga

Superman is on a quest for peace, but this time for a taste of Japanese cuisine. DC Comics did a collaboration with Kodansha to bring ‘Superman VS. Meshi,’ a manga following the Man of Steel as he explores Japan for the best dishes. Hey, even Superman needs a break from the Justice League every now and then.

DC Comics said on their website, “‘Superman vs. Meshi’ is a slice-of-life manga by Satoshi Miyagawa and Kai Kitago that’s now getting published in English. (The title roughly translates to “Superman vs. Food.”) The delightful comic takes the Man of Steel to Japan to try out the local restaurant chains. He learns not just about traditional dishes and their flavors, but also how to order them.”

Miyagawa is magaka behind the science comedy ‘Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù (Space Battle Ship Tiramisù).’ At the same time, Kitago did the story and artwork for the humorous slice-of-life story ‘Good Morning Leon.’

“A self-proclaimed addict of meals like yakitori—grilled chicken on a skewer—Superman gets so excited when he tries some particularly delicious new Japanese food that his powers spontaneously activate. He also chides himself for acting like an excitable Kansas farm boy, an adorable trait that I hope makes it into the mainstream DC Universe,” DC continues.

The comic book company added, “One of my favorite things about Superman vs. Meshi is how Kitago wonderfully captures the likenesses of Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder for his Clark and Lois. I can’t stop imagining the iconic Superman of the 1980s closing his eyes with a contented sigh as he takes a bite of his lunch. The rest of the Justice League look more similar to their recent film counterparts, a memorable mix of past and present.”

The first three chapters are currently available on the digital library DC Universe Infinite with the complete volume one being released in print on September 5, 2023.

They revealed the cover for the English version:


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