Street Fighter VA Was FIRED by Capcom Over UFOs and POLITICS?!

Reuben Langdon, English voice of Ken Masters in Street Fighter IV and V, was fired from the role by Capcom. His crime? An appearance on a YouTube stream with Hero Hei and YellowFlash and an ensuing Newsweek hit piece. Now the VA is setting the record straight and admitting that the article alleging he was basically a right-wing nutjob is what cost him the gig. Weirdly, he’s still playing Dante in Devil May Cry, also from Capcom.

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Additional Context:
In a twist that reads like a script from the very games he lent his voice to, Reuben Langdon, the long-standing voice behind Capcom’s Ken Masters in “Street Fighter” and Dante in “Devil May Cry,” found himself at the center of a controversy that led to his recasting from the former role. The saga unfolded over several years, beginning with Langdon’s appearance on a podcast alongside YouTubers Hero Hei and YellowFlash. The discussion veered into sensitive topics, including the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter, eventually catching the eye of Newsweek. The publication’s portrayal of Langdon, painted with broad strokes of extremism and conspiracy theory enthusiasm, particularly regarding his stance on COVID vaccinations and other societal issues, ignited a firestorm that culminated in Capcom’s decision to drop him as the voice of Ken Masters​​​​.

Langdon broke his silence on the matter in a Twitter Space discussion, organized by a coalition of content creators and streamers, to set the record straight. He recounted the series of events that led to his fallout with Capcom, specifically detailing how a Newsweek article misrepresented his views, leading to a knee-jerk reaction from Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, the Street Fighter series producer at the time. Despite attempts to clarify his stance and rectify the misunderstanding, Capcom’s decision remained firm, marking the end of Langdon’s tenure as Ken’s voice. Notably, this controversy did not affect his role as Dante in “Devil May Cry,” thanks to the series director and team who delved deeper into the situation and concluded that the allegations against Langdon were baseless​​.

Langdon’s recasting brings to light the volatile nature of public perception and the swift consequences that can arise from misinterpretations and misrepresentations of one’s words. Capcom’s decision reflects the broader industry trend of distancing from figures embroiled in controversy, regardless of the veracity of the claims against them. However, Langdon’s continued role in “Devil May Cry” suggests a nuanced approach, where investigations and context can influence outcomes differently.

This saga raises questions about the intersection of personal beliefs, public persona, and professional repercussions in the digital age. As Langdon moves forward, the gaming community remains divided on the implications of Capcom’s decision, pondering the balance between holding individuals accountable and ensuring fair and accurate representation of one’s views​​​​.

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