‘Steamboat Willie’ Mickey Mouse Game Devs CANCELED by Twitter Mob?!

The indie game developers behind a Steamboat Willie-inspired horror game are being targeted NOT by Disney… but by a Twitter outrage mob for, get this, including secret “alt-right dog-whistles.” Because the game was called ‘Infestation 88’ and the number 88 is now problematic or something.

Additional Context:
“Infestation 88,” now renamed “Infestation: Origins.” The game, initially inspired by Steamboat Willie, faced significant backlash due to the unintended connotations of its original title. The core of the controversy was the number “88” in the game’s name, a figure unfortunately associated with neo-Nazi groups as a shorthand for “Heil Hitler,” with ‘H’ being the eighth letter of the alphabet. This connection raised concerns among players and the broader community about potential neo-Nazi references or ‘dog whistle’ messages embedded in the game’s title.

In response to the public outcry, the game’s developers, Nightmare Forge Games, quickly moved to address the issue. They clarified that their choice of “88” was solely for aesthetic purposes, denying any intention to reference or signal support for hate groups. Acknowledging their oversight regarding the number’s historical and cultural implications, they rebranded the game to “Infestation: Origins.”

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