SHE-RA BACKLASH! Damage Control for Netflix Animated Reboot?

By the power of Grayskull… what the hell just happened?! The She-Ra reboot designs haven’t been well received by some longtime fans (including Geeky Sparkles) and the usual pop culture media outlets go into damage control mode. Why didn’t we see more at San Diego Comic-Con? Bring popcorn!

Want to TELL MATTEL what you think of the new She-Ra vs. Classic She-Ra? There’s a hashtag for that! #TellMattel on Twitter.

Also, what’s up with Anita Sarkeesian hating on the more diverse Buffy reboot? Isn’t she just using the same defense that fans of various franchises have been using for years? Why does she get a pass but the rest of us are “manbabies?” (even the women!)

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