Michael Myers Revealed In New ‘Halloween Ends’ Images

Michael Myers is front and center in some new images for the upcoming horror sequel ‘Halloween Ends.’ With these key images, we get a look at the famous killer stalking on a stairwell, entering a home, and confronting his sister Laurie Strobe, played by ‘Freaky Friday’ actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

The images were released exclusively to ‘Total Film’ magazine along with comments from director David Gordon Green and Curtis.

“And it’s nerve-racking. I’ve moved around the last few scenes of the movie in various orders, and I’ve been playing with music. How do I want to feel [when] I walk out of the theatre, thinking that there’s not going to be another one next year? So that’s the sculpture,” he told Total Film in an interview.

“This one is a good time at the movies,” Green added. “Let’s have a blast, ride the roller coaster with a few unexpected turns, and walk away feeling complete. That’s what I want.”

“They saw something that I don’t think I even saw,” Curtis added, reflecting on the beginnings of the franchise. “That was John and Debra’s great skill – creating that character in a town that is like every other town in the United States who then comes into contact with the epitome of evil. And 44 years later, we’re still interested in that confluence of those two things. That’s why, at the end of the day, Halloween stands above all others.”

‘Halloween Ends’ is the follow-up to 2021′ ‘Halloween Kills’ and is the thirteenth film in the ‘Halloween’ franchise. It is being billed as the final entry in the reboot series that began with the 2018 movie which ignores all previous entries save for the very first 1978 ‘Halloween’ movie.

Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures have set October 14, 2022, as the release date for ‘Halloween Kills.’

Jacob Airey

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