Marvel Announces ‘Planet of the Apes’ Omnibus

No franchise appears safe from Disney, as its subsidiary Marvel Comics announced that they are releasing the ‘Planet of the Apes Omnibus’ comic book collection in 2023. The series is written by Doug Moench with artwork from George Tuska and Alfredo Alcala. E.M. Gist designed the cover for the release with Gil Kane doing an exclusive.
“Last week, Marvel Comics announced a brand-new era of PLANET OF THE APES comics storytelling! The groundbreaking science-fiction phenomenon will return to Marvel Comics with a new series next year and fans will also be able to enjoy Marvel’s previous PLANET OF THE APES stories in the upcoming PLANET OF THE APES ADVENTURES: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS OMNIBUS,” they said on their website.
They continued, “This rare collection will reprint all eleven issues of ADVENTURES ON THE PLANETS OF THE APES for the very first time. The beloved 1975 series adapted the first two iconic Planet of the Apes films and holds a special place in the hearts of Planet of the Apes and Marvel Comics fans alike.”
“It’s the simian sci-fi staple in the mighty Marvel manner,” they added. “Relive Marvel’s take on the classic films Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes in one action-packed volume.”
Marvel Comics also released a “first look” of the cover:

Marvel describes the synopsis as follows,
“When a crew of astronauts crash-lands on a strange and desolate world, they discover a society of apes with heightened intelligence and speech. Here, a race of mute humans are their slaves! Can the mission’s leader, Taylor, fight his way free and hold onto his humanity? What is the shocking secret of this Planet of the Apes? What unfathomable danger lies beneath the surface? Find out when a second spaceship makes its way to this uncanny world and another astronaut faces a battle for survival, with the fate of the entire planet at stake!”
The comic book series is based on the 1968 film starring Charlton Heston that spawned four sequels. Tim Burton directed a 2001 remake starring Mark Wahlberg with James Franco acting in the 2011 film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes.’

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