Shaun Escayg Dumps Marvel’s Avengers, Returns to Naughty Dog

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Square Enix’s troubled ‘Avengers’ game is taking more punches to the gut than The Blob. Unlike the obese mutant, however, the game in question may not be able to withstand a new barrage of bad news.
Via GameSpot, we learned that the creative director of last year’s ‘Avengers’ game had left his post to return to Naughty Dog. Shaun Escayg has dumped Black Widow to go join up with Abby. Trading in Thor’s hammer for Abby’s golf club, I see.

Escayg had been with Naughty Dog during the original ‘The Last of Us,’ acting as the lead cinematic animator. He also wrote and directed the ‘Uncharted’ spin-off game ‘The Lost Legacy.’
What was the straw that broke and had Escayg return to Naughty Dog? That’s not clear. No ill will was present as he stated, “Marvel’s Avengers is in good hands.” Maybe greener grass. Or maybe it was time to join the winning team.
Let’s hope that is true. The AAA title featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hit the market with a bit of a thud. The game sold about 3 million copies but failed to recoup its $200 million budget. This led to a small player base further shrunk by a mediocre post-campaign grind fest.
Further expansions and story content is coming, and PS4 owners have yet to receive their exclusive Spider-Man DLC. Given the amount of time that has passed, will these carrots be enough to keep players coming back?
Did you play Marvel’s ‘Avengers’? What are your thoughts on the game? Did it hold your interest, or did your copy end up at a GameStop? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: GameSpot]

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