‘Shadows House’ Conjures An English Dub Cast

‘Shadows House’ is a paranormal gothic mystery manga created by the writing duo known as So-ma-to for the Tokyo-based publishing company Shueisha for their ‘Weekly Young Jump’ magazine in 2018. In 2021, the Japanese animation studio CloverWorks directed by Kazuki Ōhashi. A second season dropped in 2022 with Crunchyroll announcing that will be taking over the English dub.
They revealed the voice cast on their website:

  • Dani Chambers (Reina in Aharen-san wa Hakarenai) as Emilico
  • Emi Lo (Destiny in takt op.Destiny) as Kate
  • Jordan Dash Cruz (Leon in Trapped in a Dating Sim) as John/Shaun
  • Marisa Duran (Kyoko in Horimiya) as Louise/Lou
  • Adam McArthur (Itadori in JUJUTSU KAISEN) as Patrick/Ricky
  • Elizabeth Maxwell (Albedo in Overlord) as Barbara/Barbie
  • Michelle Lee (Tohka in Date A Live) as Maryrose
  • Emily Fajardo (Bojji in Ranking of Kings) as Sarah/Mia
  • Ben Balmaceda (Aoshi in Orient) as Ben
  • Christopher Smith (Kittan in Gurren Lagann) as Edward
  • Jad Saxton (Chika in KAGUYA-SAMA: LOVE IS WAR) as Susanna/Susie
  • Aaron Campbell (Almanfi in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) as William

Shawn Gann works on the project as the ADR director.
You can watch the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,
“Emilico is just one of many “Living Dolls” serving in the Shadows House, residents of which are pitch black from head to toe and constantly leak soot that stains the house black. Each “Shadow” is partnered with a Doll, which strangely resembles the other. As a Living Doll, Emilico must keep the house sparkling clean as well as act as the face for her master, Kate. In turn, Kate supports Emilico and treats her as her confidant.
As far as either of them can remember, this has always been the way their world works. However, the bond between a Shadow and a Doll isn’t quite clear. Administrators watch over the young pairs from the higher levels of the mansion and judge them—but for what purpose?”
The English version of the manga is being published in North America by Yen Press with the first volume being released in June 2021.

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