Sci-Fi Comedy Anime Reboot ‘Urusei Yatsura’ Is Getting An English Dub

The 2022 reboot ‘Urusei Yatsura’ is based on the romantic sci-fi comedy manga created by Rumiko Takahashi and published from September 24, 1978, to February 4, 1987. The show is developed by the Japanese animation studio David Productions. HiDive acquired the rights to stream it in the United States and announced plans to produce an English dub.

They revealed the cast on their website:

  • Lum voiced by Jade Kelly
  • Ataru voiced by Nathan Wilson
  • Shinobu voiced by Cat Thomas
  • Mendo voiced by Jack Stansbury
  • Sakura voiced by Brianna Roberts
  • Cherry voiced by John Swasey

You can watch the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“When aliens known as the Oni threaten to invade the Earth, they promise to leave under one condition—a randomly-chosen human must win a one-on-one game of tag against Lum, the beautiful daughter of the Oni leader. The “lucky” person selected happens to be the lustful and unlucky high schooler Ataru Moroboshi. Given 10 days to attempt to grab Lum’s horns, Ataru realizes how impossible the challenge is as he is faced with Lum’s extraterrestrial powers.

Motivated by a promise of marriage from his childhood friend Shinobu Miyake, Ataru manages to catch Lum off guard. He mistakenly grabs hold of her bikini top first, but he eventually achieves his true goal. Although the game is over, Lum misunderstands that she is the one whom Ataru wants to marry, and she decides to move in with him. The poor student constantly tries to shake off the clingy Lum while doing his best to reconcile with his desired fiancée. After Ataru’s heroic feat results in such a disastrous outcome, it is questionable whether luck will ever be on his side.”

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