S.H.MonsterArts Reboots Godzilla Singular Point’s Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar! The silent size-changing robot found itself with a new body and voice in Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point anime. So naturally, Bandai sprang on the opportunity to turn the newly remodeled hero into an S.H.MonsterArts action figure.
Standing at 6.3″ tall, Jet Jaguar comes with all the articulation you’d expect from a Bandai figure. Unfortunately, he is also as pricy as you’d expect at $109.99 at the Big Bad Toy Store. He’ll be arriving in May 2022.
The redesign is interesting. Jet Jaguar is now less humanoid and more robotic with a large barrel chest. He looks a little bit like Tetsujin 28 now, but with a red, white, and yellow paint scheme.

From the Godzilla Singular Point anime series come an S.H.MonsterArts figure of Jet Jaguar! This fully articulated figure has been recreated with great detail and features weapons and accessories featured in the anime.

Jet Jaguar comes with all this in the box:

  • Jet Jaguar figure
  • Alternate hands
  • Anglias Spear
  • Jetpack
  • Yun Arikawa figure
  • 2 Antennae
  • Flight mode support pillar and stand

Now, everyone sing along!

Jet Jaguar first appeared in Godzilla vs. Megalon. It’s a somewhat silly entry in the Toho Godzilla series in the 1970s. However, as seen above, the character was more memorable when the film got riffed by the MST3K crew.
I wonder. Since the American Godzilla films have now tackled MechaGodzilla, King Kong, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah, when will we see a dark and gritty Jet Jaguar on the big screen? Also, given that the plot of the last film was thrown out of the window so we could have monkey VS lizard action, would it even matter how/when/where/why Jet Jaguar came into the story?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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