‘Little Nightmares’ Now Have Little Collectible Figures

Gecco has captured one of Little Nightmares‘ most iconic boss stages. The company’s artists nailed the unnerving look of the Twin Chefs, from their bulbous arms to the mountain of flesh that makes up their heads. In addition, there’s a nice touch with Six hiding under the table, waiting for the right time to move.

Trying to get a key to escape, Six must evade grotesque twin chefs in the Maw’s kitchen. The giant flabby culinary masters are even more terrifying when you notice that their fleshy faces are, in fact, masks. If they catch you, they will cook you.

Although small, roughly the size of your palm. It’s 75mm or 2.95″ tall. Unfortunately, the Little Nightmares Twin Chefs statue carries a hefty price tag: $52.99. The Twin Chefs are made from PVC/ABS and will be available between June and July of this year. This collectible can be pre-ordered now from Gecco Direct.

Photo Credit: Gecco
Photo Credit: Gecco
Photo Credit: Gecco
Photo Credit: Gecco
Photo Credit: Gecco
Photo Credit: Gecco

The Twins statue is the 4th in the mini-figure collection. Previous releases included Six, The Janitor, and Nome. The set will consist of six total figures, with The Guests and The Lady coming out later in the Summer. Check them out below:

Photo Credit: Gecco

Little Nightmares was first released on PC and consoles in 2017. LittleBigPlanet 3’s Tarsier Studios developed it, and Bandai was the publisher. The game was part survival horror, part puzzler. Each enemy was a sickening depiction of gluttony.

2021 saw the return of Six in Little Nightmares II. It delivered more of the same mix of gameplay types but wasn’t quite as memorable as the first game. However, if you want to try them out, both titles are available on Stream. The original is $19.99, and the sequel is $29.99.

[Source: Gecco]

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