Playmates To Release Even More Classic ‘TMNT’ Figures

With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on the way, Playmates is again trying to capitalize on the nostalgia for the old toys. So who’s ready for some Storage Shell Turtles?

The Storage Shell Turtles were first released in 1991. states these accessory-packed toys will be part of Playmates’ 2023 retro relaunch. These Turtles were mostly the same as the original four action figures, but Playmates used the hollow interior of each character.

With some skill, a hinged shell was added, and you could cram five or six weapons in the nearly available space. In reality, we would break the shell off accidentally or lose the small weapons in the grass or sandbox. However, we should not have these same issues as adults. Maybe.

Thankfully, Playmates isn’t pricing the Turtles for the collectors market. Instead, the Storage Shell toys will only be $11.99 each. Expect these to appear in Walmart, Amazon, and Target this month. However, given that the supply chain is still messed up, the best place to get these will be at that one out-of-the-way Walmart store you never go to.



Photo Credit: Playmates

In other TMNT news, Jada Toys will implement the franchise into its Hollywood Rides lines. A 1/24 scale Raphael-themed Chevy Camaro and Mikey-themed VW Beetle are available via the Big Bad Toy Store. In addition, the Nano Hollywood Rides line of Micro-Machine-like vehicles will add the Turtle Blimp, Party Wagon, and Technodrome in a three-pack. Expect this to ship out sometime between now and March.

Photo Credit: Jada Toys
Photo Credit: Jada Toys
Photo Credit: Jada Toys
Photo Credit: Jada Toys


In recent years, Playmates has re-released the original wave of TMNT figures along with the “Movie Star” Turtles. Aside from NECA and Super7 producing updated versions of some of the weirder Turtle Toys, Playmates hasn’t been going all out on relaunching the once-legendary toy line. Maybe this is the first step to seeing some classics like Mutagen Man finally reentering the marketplace, so we don’t have to buy a $50 Super7 toy.

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